FAO Capacity Development

FAO Capacity Development Learning Modules

The four modules provide useful and insightful learning material for people engaged in capacity development activities at country level. They provide concrete information to implement  FAO’s new approach to capacity development and are rich with tools for  practitioners.

FAO Learning Module 1 on Capacity Development - Basic Principles 

This module provides an introduction to FAO’s capacity development framework, basic principles and concepts.

FAO Learning Module 2 on Capacity Development - Programming (Revised edition)

This module concerns integrating capacity development into programming and covers the assessment process, engagement with stakeholders and tracking capacity development. Tools are provided.

FAO Learning Module 3 on Capacity Development - Good Learning Practices

This module concerns strengthening the capacities of individuals, and hence how to design, deliver and evaluate effective learning events and programmes. Tools for each phase of the cycle are provided.

FAO Learning Module 4 on Capacity Development -Organization Analysis and Development

This module concerns the organizational dimension of capacity development, and hence how to strengthen the capacities of organizations. Topics include assessment of organizational capacity, change management and tracking organizational change. Tools are provided.

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