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Gender and equity in rural societies

  1. Capacity Building in Gender-Disaggregated Data for Rural and Agricultural Development
  2. Gender Mainstreaming in Agricultural Planning
  3. Knowledge-sharing and capacity building to empower rural women and men - the Dimitra project
  4. Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools
  5. SEAGA - Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis
  6. Community Seed Fairs
  7. Yasarekomo: An experience of indigenous people? communication for development in Bolivia

Providing access to locally generated information; building local ownership of locally managed networks

What problem did it address, where?

In response to the need for easier access to information for rural populations, especially women; to provide rural populations, especially rural women, with means to be heard at all levels of society; to provide a means of sharing local knowledge, best practices and know-how through networking with rural populations, the Dimitra project covers 49 countries, among which 41 in Africa, working mainly with NGOs and their networks.

The project has provided support for improving the status of rural women, reinforced its partner's capacities, reduced the sense of isolation of rural populations, particularly women, and has given value to rural women's contributions and increased their sense of self-worth. It has also assisted in the development of information and communication tools for rural women to avoid further marginalisation, and raised awareness on gender issues among all development actors


The Dimitra project

  • works closely with local partners located in Africa and the Near East to raise awareness on gender issues for reaching gender equality and sustainable development
  • collects knowledge about organisations and projects concerning rural women in Europe, Africa and in the Near East
  • shares information widely using both traditional and new communication methods and tools, maintaining the on-line Dimitra database
  • helps organising workshops, conferences and events on key issues determined by grassroots organisations, especially women
  • reinforces the information, communication, networking and advocacy skills of civil society and rural women's organisations
  • promotes the exchange of information between rural women, grassroots organisations, NGOs, governmental institutions and all development actors
  • makes the link between the experiences of the field and the creation of norms to be derived from them and which should be the results of people's practices and needs.

Where next?

The project will reinforce the mobilisation of the network through the increased collaboration with rural community radios and rural women's organisations, and the use of Information and Communication technologies when and where possible, with an emphasis on the development of local content by rural populations themselves

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