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Nutrition and consumer protection

  1. Improving participation in Codex work
  2. Institution building in food safety
  3. School and Hospital Gardens
  4. Improving the safety of street-vended foods
  5. Nutrition education

Building and strengthening national and regional institutions for more effective participation in Codex Alimentarius meetings

What problem did it address, where?

In some countries the national Codex Contact point has not received institutional support for the process of consultation on food safety standards. Under these circumstances the delegation to the Codex Alimentarius Commission and/or technical committees are not in a position to represent national interests well. One means of providing for effective consultation has been the creation or strengthening of a national Codex Committee. FAO has facilitated this work in countries such as Brazil, Cambodia, India, Syria and Moldova


Successful participation at Codex meetings requires a strong national network on Codex. Specific national projects and in-country training build this capacity by giving practical guidance to strengthen national Codex structure. Regional projects and training courses are also very beneficial in helping to build regional networks which can be an important component in highlighting views which are common to a region Food control requires a multidisciplinary approach with involvement of different government departments - a strong national Codex structure also contributes in this regard. Also, twinning and study tours within regions can also make an important contribution to building capacity

Where next?

The model of national committees can be applied to other standard-setting bodies. Lessons can also be learned in return from the regional level. A recent IICA programme to encourage participation in the WTO SPS Committee from Latin America - where countries were initially subsidised to send members to facilitated preparatory sessions, and to the main committee meetings, to raise issues of interest to the region - is a regional model which may be used more widely for other international bodies and in other regions.

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