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Nutrition and consumer protection

  1. Improving participation in Codex work
  2. Institution building in food safety
  3. School and Hospital Gardens
  4. Improving the safety of street-vended foods
  5. Nutrition education

Reducing food safety risks by creating an effective institutional and policy framework

What problem did it address, where?

Institution building in food safety covers a wide range of activities, target groups and vehicles. It can involve reform within agencies with responsibility for some aspect of food safety management and its control or even the creation of new institutions. It can also include advising on policy issues that determine not only the institutional framework, but also the elaboration of sound and suitable food safety strategies and programmes and commitment to the implementation of these, and strengthening of specific technical capacities that are required for concerned institutions to efficiently and effectively execute their responsibilities

Recent FAO examples of institution building in the food safety area have included project work in Albania and Bénin


Typically, the objective of institution building is to reduce food safety risks for domestic consumers and promote economic development through increased food and agricultural exports that meet international sanitary and phytosanitary requirements of importing countries, through the following activiti

  1. creation of a sound legal framework for food safety
  2. modernization and upgrading of food laboratories and inspection services to meet international standards and accreditation requirements; and
  3. enhancement of the safety and quality of food produced locally by small or medium-sized producers.

Where next?

The need to undertake institution building work to support food safety institutions may be indicated where legislation is under review, where countries are investing in laboratories or inspection services or where food safety problems have been experienced, originating with local producers. 

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