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Sustainable natural resources management

  1. Communication for Natural Resource Management and Rural Development
  2. Post-conflict access to land and land administration
  3. Decentralization of Rural Land Taxation
  4. Land Consolidation

Communication as the key to effective natural resource management - supporting participation, dialogue, conflict resolution and knowledge exchange

What problem did it address, where?

Poverty, food insecurity and natural resource degradation are closely linked and interdependent. The connecting element common to all three problem areas are people. Without their individual and community participation neither can be solved. Communication initiatives in the past which have largely focused on dissemination and adoption of technical packages have met limited impact. FAO's "Communication for Development" practices have offered successful alternatives through participatory approaches that facilitate multi-level dialogue, conflict resolution and knowledge exchange and build motivation, involvement and local competence in Bolivia, Mexico, Guinea, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and the Philippines.


"Communication for Development" is a participatory medium for innovation through well coordinated collaboration of many stakeholders from Ministry to grassroot levels, from rural radio to the internet with very strong social and institutional involvement and extensive training. Adoption of trained practices is very high since the practices are specially tailored to local needs and strengthen the stakeholders own capacities to reach their own objectives. The multi-level and multi-stakeholder process creates special synergies beneficial far beyond the immediate stakeholders

Where next?

Through its networks and demonstrated successes "Communication for Development" is now gaining increasing recognition and a resulting call for building global partnerships (First World Congress on Communication for Development in 2006). Broadening the user base (mainstreaming) of the successful "C for D" elements, applying them also to other rural development activities and involving more countries are part of a future scenario.

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