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Capitalize and share knowledge on food security
and empowerment of rural people

The creation of the FAO-Belgium Partnership Programme "Knowledge Management and Gender" is based on a systematic consideration of gender issues and the experiences and learning that emanated from FAO projects and programmes. In the long term, this Programme will contribute to the food security of the rural poor, notably women. Through a participatory approach, it will improve the living conditions of rural populations, the integration of gender issues, and knowledge sharing.



The Knowledge Management and Gender Programme has the following goals:

1. Disseminate knowledge

2. Promote knowledge sharing

3. Identify, promote, publicize and disseminate good practices in support of food security and the empowerment of rural populations

4. Synergize the largest possible number of stakeholders in the development sector (i.e. representatives of  networks, governments, civil society, producers organizations, other international, bilateral and multilateral organizations).



The expected long-term impacts of the Programme are:

  • the contribution to food security of the rural poor, especially women
  • the improvement of living conditions of rural populations and the mainstreaming of gender issues and knowledge exchange through a participatory approach
  • the empowerment of rural people for improved access to information, participatory communication and decision-making
  • Women's Leadership