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Título Fisheries Extension Services for Coastal Provinces: Learnings from a Project in Ranong, Thailand - BOBP/REP/68
Sumario This report describes the process, achievements and learnings of a subproject which set out to develop a model for enabling integrated development in selected fishing communities in the Ranong Province of Thailand. While actually providing the services, it was intended to learn simultaneously about the approaches and methods of fisheries extension services that target small-scale fisherfolk communities in coastal provinces. The subproject was conceptualized late in 1985, towards the end of the first phase of the Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP), and was to be implemented during the second phase of BOBP which started in 1987. Several preparatory exercises were undertaken during 1985 and 1986 and the implementation of the project initiated late in 1986. The subproject undertook several activities, including technology transfer in the areas of aquaculture and capture fisheries, it provided credit through revolving funds for various fisheries and nonfisheries activities, it promoted skill development among women in the hope of enhancing their incomes, it facilitated access to health education and healthcare in remote villages, it helped in the provision of nonformal education, and it enabled fishing communities to gain access to community development programmes of the Government. It even helped some of the villages to create some infrastructure. It finally spent time on trying to extract the learnings from its work and on sharing this learning with the Department of Fisheries (DOF). The Department of Fisheries of Thailand was responsible for the execution of the subproject, and it did so with the cooperation of the government departments responsible for healthcare, non-formal education, cooperatives and community development. The BOBP provided technical assistance, support for some additional staff, training, equipment, credit and monitoring.
Año 1994
Número de trabajo AD895/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Best Practice;
AGROVOC Estrategías de extensión; Tailandia; Asia; Pesca artesanal; Bahía de Bengala; Pesca; Extensión; Enfoques de extensión; Materiales de extensión; Programas de extensión; Pesca costera; Evaluación de proyectos; Sostenibilidad;
Subject Enabling environment for markets to improve livelihoods
Country Tailandia;