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Título Marine biotoxins
Sumario This paper provides an extensive review of different aspects of five shellfish poisoning syndromes (paralytic shellfish poisoning, diarrhoeic shellfish poisoning, amnesic shellfish poisoning, neurologic shellfish poisoning, azaspiracid shellfish poisoning), as well as one fish poisoning syndrome (ciguatera fish poisoning). Various aspects of these poisoning syndromes are discussed in detail including the causative toxins produced by marine organisms, chemical structures and analytical methods of the toxins, habitat and occurrence of the toxin producing organisms, case studies and existing regulations. Based on this analysis, risk assessments are carried out for each of these different toxins, and recommendations elaborated to better manage these risks in order to reduce the harmful effect of these toxins on public health.
Año 2004
Número de trabajo Y5486/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Book; Training/Learning Support Material;
AGROVOC Composición quimica; Control de enfermedades; Productos derivados del pescado; Salud pública; Reglamentaciones; Toxicología; Enfermedades transm por alimentos; Peligro para la salud; Envenenamiento; Riesgo; Toxinas; Mariscos;
Subject Improved quality and safety of foods at all stages of the food chain