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Título Strengthening agribusiness linkages with small-scale farmers
Sumario This paper provides a synthesis of a study in Latin America that forms part of a major initiative within FAO called "Strengthening linkages between the farmer and agribusiness". This initiative stresses the search for alternatives in developing and strengthening just and efficient relationships between farms and agribusinesses. Agribusiness stakeholders may include all commercial firms involved in the production, distribution and processing of agricultural products, as well as firms offering services, including extension, research and/or business administration. Building farmer- agribusiness linkages refers to improving farmers' capacities to add value to their products, converting their subsistence agriculture into commercial agriculture, through the processing of their products, and by establishing raw-material supply contracts with national and international processors and distributors. Strengthening also means improving the regular and timely supply of agricultural products needed by agribusiness enterprises, according to the specifications of the quality desired.
Año 2005
Número de trabajo Y6001/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Case Study; Reference material;
Subject Enabling environment for markets to improve livelihoods