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Título Guidelines for designing data collection and sharing systems for co-managed fisheries. Part 2: Technical guidelines.
Sumario The increasing shift towards co-management has prompted managers to reflect upon their new roles and reconsider information requirements. This technical paper, in two parts, is aimed to meet the growing need among co-managers for guidelines to help design and implement appropriate and cost-effective data collection programmes or systems. Part 1: Practical guide has been written specifically for co-managers and facilitators working in the field and offers simple and practical advice on helping stakeholders identify their information needs in relation to their management objectives and responsibilities, and developing collaborative ways of collecting and sharing the information in the most effective way. Part 2: Technical guidelines provides more technical detail on each of the sections in the Practical guide, including examples of the types of data that might be of interest to different stakeholders, data collection methods and sources, the design of sampling programmes, and guidance on data analysis and interpretation. Part 2 is aimed particularly at Department of Fisheries and extension staff, research agencies and academic institutions, but can also provide field practitioners with an additional resource that can be referenced when necessary. Together, Parts 1 and 2 draw on relevant elements of the literature and the output of DFID-funded research, as well as the experiences and expressed needs of co-managers currently designing or preparing to design their own data collection systems.
Año 2005
Número de trabajo A0231/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Book; Training/Learning Support Material;
AGROVOC Datos estadísticos; Colección de datos; Recuperación de información; Sistemas de información; Pesca;
Subject Sustainable management and use of fisheries and aquaculture resources