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Título Building on Gender, Agrobiodiversity and Local Knowledge – A Training Manual
Sumario This manual therefore aims to explore the linkages between agrobiodiversity, gender and local knowledge, and to show the relevance of doing so, within the context of research and development. This manual will not equip you with the skills needed to conduct participatory or action research at the field level, or provide guidance for research tools and methods. However, it is meant to complement existing manuals covering tools, methods and approaches, such as the FAO/SEAGA handbook material for socio-economic and gender analysis
Año 2006
Número de trabajo Y5956/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
AGROVOC Género; Papel de la mujer; Capacitación; Recursos agrarios; Biodiversidad; Ordenación de recursos; Conocimiento indígena; Seguridad alimentaría; Entorno socioeconómico; Extensión; Materiales de enseñanza;
Subject Gender equity in access to resources, goods, services and decision-making in rural areas