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Título Commodity chain case study: analysis of the suburban market horticulture sub-chain of Bamako (Mali)
Sumario This module illustrates how Commodity Chain Analysis (CCA) can be used in a case study. It belongs to a set of modules which discuss how to proceed step by step on commodity chain analysis. The reading of the theoretical modules EASYPol (thematic overview and analytical tools) before this one is advised to understand the exercises of this module. It introduces a real situation where experts have to construct a commodity chain analysis. There is a complex empirical database which illustrates an usual situation (data more or less joined by hectare, by perimeter, by operator, by area). This briefly shows the framework and the methodological approach of the commodity chain analysis (section 3 and 4). Therefore, this module provides the context of the commodity chain and sub-chain, with a presentation of the results of the survey available at the beginning of the workshop (section 5). The following sections are organized in order to illustrate the different stages of the workshop, that’s to say the functional analysis of the suburban market horticulture sub-chain (section 6); the marketing analysis (section 7) with information gathered from traders, the financial analysis (section 8) and the interpretation of the analysis results (section 9). Section 10 integrates other subsequent developments concerning the economical analysis using shadow prices.
Año 2005
Número de trabajo 00044/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Case Study;
Subject Increased and more effective public and private investment in agriculture and rural development
Country Malí;