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Título Best practises for Education and Training of Rural Youth - Lessons from Asia
Sumario Young people are the future of any nation. This is something always mentioned inmany forums and gathering and in speeches and writings relating to issuesconcerning youth. However, the future also depends and relates to the presentand from which lessons can be extracted and used to address challenges andopportunities facing young people. The present shows that there is a very largesegment of the world’s population who are considered young people or youth (asper the UN definition of youth, those between 15 and 25 years old) of which thereare over 600 million in the Asia and Pacific region alone. Their characteristics,realities, needs and aspirations are unique and require urgent attention.The idea to undertake this project arose from FAO’s participation of the AsianProductivity Organization (APO) meeting on Education and Training of Rural Youththat was held in Tokyo, Japan on 15 to 22 August 2001. There, the reports of the 19country delegates that were presented mentioned of “best practices” beingimplemented in the countries represented at that meeting. The challenge of how toshare beyond the delegates of the APO meeting information related to these “bestpractices” was therefore presented. The book illustrates examples of internship programs of training in advanced farms in Japan, Philippines and Thailand. These programs consider that the best means to provide future farmers and future agricultural leaders with opportunities is to learn practical skills necessary for farm management. The programs played an important role in giving practical experiences to farm youth as well as students at various levels in agricultural education.
Año 2003
Número de trabajo AJ461/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Best Practice;
Subject Improved food security and better nutrition