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Título Agribusiness handbook - Barley malt beer
Sumario This handbook is part of a series of agribusiness manuals prepared by FAO's Investment Centre Division for EBRD's Agribusiness team, under the FAO/EBRD cooperation. The production of the manuals was financed by FAO and by the EBRD multidonor Early Transition Countries Fund and Western Balkans Fund. The purpose of this handbook is to help agribusiness bankers and potential local investors acquire basic knowledge on the beer sector, worldwide and with a special focus on Early Transition Countries and Western Balkan Countries. This volume was prepared by Inna Punda, Agribusiness Consultant, FAO and reviewed by D'mitry Prikhodko, Economist, FAO.
Año 2009
Número de trabajo I1003/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Support Material; Joint publication; Investment Guidelines and Training Tool; Agribusiness handbook;
Subject Increased and more effective public and private investment in agriculture and rural development