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Title A handbook for trainers on participatory local development: the Panchayati Raj model in India
Abstract Awareness that the ‘trickle down’ effects of economic growth take too long to reach the poor has led to the realization that poverty alleviation programmes cannot be effective unless the poor have a voice in the planning and implementation of schemes meant to help them. This book describes and supports the world’s biggest endeavour in grassroots governance taking place in India. Some 238 000 Panchayats (village councils) representing about 600 000 villages have been constituted. Preparing the Panchayat members for their new roles as local decision-makers calls for education and training on a massive scale, for which adapted training methods and tools are needed. Although this handbook is designed for the training needs of all categories of local functionaries associated with the decentralization process in India, it provides guidance on core issues in institutional capacity-building for local development planning, useful for other developing countries within the region.
Year 2003
Job Number AD346/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
AGROVOC Training; Participatory approaches; Decentralization; Agricultural and rural legislation; Rural development strategies;
Subject Increased and more effective public and private investment in agriculture and rural development
Region Asia;
Country India;