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Title Participatory Processes towards Co-Management of Natural Resources in Pastoral Areas of the Middle East
Abstract The Source Book provides guidance how participatory processes in co-management of natural resources might be encouraged and promoted at the field level. Building on the specific and organic experience of introducing participatory processes in an environment previously inexperienced in these contemporary concepts, the sourcebook outlines a progressive and sequential set of skills which proved to be useful in promoting both technical and sociological skills required to enhance a participatory process. The approach described combines the introduction of different sets of techniques and exercises (related to participatory attitudes, PRA methods and tools, planning skills, facilitation, forming groups, and managing conflict) with the idea of process guidance and coaching of project staff in their daily work of creating a process of participatory and collaborative management of natural resources. The Sourcebook is at product of the cooperation between the FAO-Italian project Range Rehabilitation and Establishment of a Wildlife Reserve in the Syrian Steppe and the Rural Institutions and Participation Service of FAO. It is based on the lessons learned from a series of workshops, and field tested activities implemented in the context of the above project. It also draws on the experiences of the authors, and others, in a variety of pastoral regions of the world.
Year 2003
Job Number AD424/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
Region Near East;