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Title Food & Nutrition: A Handbook for Namibian Volunteer Leaders
Abstract This Handbook has been developed as a part of the Rural Youth Development Programme of the Namibian Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation. This bookis to enable rural youth leaders and Extension Technicians to help other young people in their villages to understand the importance of nutrition and of selecting foods which are best for health. This document is an innovative nutrition education material for use in non-formal settings, for example, with youth groups. The document is different from most other NE materials by promoting (a) experiential learning: practical, hands-on learning; spiral curriculum (re-utilize the learned in next session); developing project skills; as well as (b) life skills (competency, coping, contributing). Many of the lesson plans can easily be adapted for use in formal settings, such as schools. While this handbook is specifically tailored to suit the needs and situation of Namibia, it can serve as an example of nutrition education material for other countries. With a total of 27 lesson plans, including a board game, the resource helps young people to learn about the functions of food, the importance of a healthy diet, food safety, and child feeding and growth monitoring.
Year 2004
Job Number A0104/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
Subject Improved food security and better nutrition