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Title Food Safety Guidance in Emergency Situations
Abstract In emergency situations, difficult conditions can be made even worse in the event of foodborne disease outbreak. Provision of food is often carried out under crude conditions and the people available to organize and implement feeding operations may not have the necessary experience to manage food safety effectively. This guidance document is intended to assist those responsible for planning and overseeing food operations to recognise aspects of their function that influence food safety and to guide them in minimising risk of foodborne illness. In view of the fact that the infrastructure on the ground may be completely destroyed in many types of emergency situation, this document highlights the most critical requirements. The document also directs users to useful information sources that provide a more complete outline of food hygiene requirements, to guide operations in cases where there has been less disruption and higher standards of hygiene are feasible as well on guidance on related activities e.g. waste management.
Year 2005
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Support Material;
Subject Improved preparedness for, and effective response to, food and agricultural threats and emergencies