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Title Dairy development institutions in East Africa. Lessons learned and options
Abstract Milk provides relatively quick returns for small-scale livestock keepers. It is a balanced, nutritious food that is important to household food security in many rural economies. Milk and dairy products play an important role in human nutrition and contribute to economic development. Smallholders produce the vast majority of milk in developing countries where by 2025, demand is expected to increase by 25 percent. This publication is the first report on studies commissioned by FAO of three national dairy development institutions in East Africa. The evolution and diversity of dairy development institutions in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are reviewed, and drivers of change and improvement in national policies and strategies are identified. The composition, role, structure, shortcomings and future prospects of each national dairy institution are reviewed in order to provide readers with insights as to how to improve their performance and learn from their experiences.
Year 2010
Job Number K9649/E
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Subject Enabling environment for markets to improve livelihoods
Region Africa;