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Title Fishing boat construction: 2 Building a fibreglass fishing boat
Abstract The contents are intended to give the reader a sound basic knowledge of FRP and it's possibilities and limitations in boatbuilding. Any person using the document is likely to have some technical or management capacity upon which to base the information. It is not intended to describe all aspects of FRP, but attempts to cover most subjects applicable to small vessel construction and setting up a new boatyard. The publication leads up to and deals mainly with the single skin manual layup technique, however, other FRP technologies are also presented. Sections such as Design and Construction Considerations, Planning for Construction and the Production Flow Chart are intended to stimulate appraisal of the requirements of FRP boatbuilding while others such as Workshop, Equipment and Tools and Basic Vessel Construction offer practical guidelines
Year 1991
Job Number T0530/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Best Practice;
AGROVOC Training; Small boats; Safety; Equipment; Fishermen; Extension materials; Fishing vessels; Shipbuilding;
Subject Enabling environment for markets to improve livelihoods