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Titre Field Guide/Manual on the Identification and Management of Poplar pests and Diseases in the Area of the
Résumé This manual is designed to provide information and assistance to poplar growers and foresters in their daily management of forest nurseries and plantations. The information compiled in this manual is derived from several sources viz. the field reports of previous consultants to the project(GCP/CRP/009/BEL), especially the work of Mr. G Arru, local professionals of the project, and investigations by the authors during their term of consultancy in August and September 1994.
Année 1996
Numéro d'identification AD114/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Book; Training/Learning Support Material;
AGROVOC Chine; Contrôle de maladies; Lutte antiravageur; Maladie des plantes; Populus; Ravageur des plantes;
Subject Sustainable management of forests and trees