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Titre Plant nutrition for food security - A guide for integrated nutrient management
Résumé Of the essential material needs of humankind, the basic requirement is for an adequate supply of air, water and food. People have free access to the air they breathe. However, access to drinking-water and food, while easily obtained for some, is difficult for many. In addition to being physically available, these materials should also be of acceptable quality and continuously so. Hunger and diseases have affected humankind since the dawn of history. Throughout time, there have been periods of famine leading to suffering and starvation, making the fight against hunger and the diseases caused by malnutrition a permanent challenge. For many centuries until about 1800, the average grain yield was about 800 kg/ha, providing food only for a few people. The main problems were the low fertility of most soils (mainly caused by the depletion of nutrients) and the great yield losses from crop diseases and pests.
Année 2006
Numéro d'identification A0443/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Book; Training/Learning Support Material;
AGROVOC Engrais; Substance de croissance végétale; Fertilité du sol; Nutrition des plantes; Sécurité alimentaire; Production végétale; Fertilisation; Oligo-élement; Disponibilité d'élément nutritif; Relation plante sol; Plante alimentaire; Substance nutritive minérale;
Subject Sustainable intensification of crop production