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Titre Assuring Food Safety and Quality
Résumé This publication was prepared to enable national authorities, particularly in developing countries, to improve their food control systems. It replaces the earlier FAO/WHO publication "Guidelines for developing an effective national food control system". It takes into account recent developments in the conception and operation of effective national food control programmes, and the new trading environment that resulted from the World Trade Organization Agreements on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and on Technical Barriers to Trade. The guidelines seek to provide advice to national authorities on strategies to strengthen food control systems to protect public health, prevent fraud and deception, avoid food adulteration and facilitate trade. The guidelines will also be of assistance to a range of other stakeholders including consumer groups, industry and trade organizations, farmer groups and any other groups or associations that influence national policy in this area.
Année 2003
Numéro d'identification Y8705/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Book; Policy Brief;
AGROVOC Innocuité des produits alimentaires; Codex alimentarius; Norme; Réglementation; Protection du consommateur; Contrôle de qualité; Inspection des aliments; Produit alimentaire; Qualité;
Subject Improved quality and safety of foods at all stages of the food chain