Land and Water Digital Media Series

WOCAT - World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies

FAO, Land and Water Digital Media Series n3,
December 1998,
ISBN 92-5-104147-4

This CD-ROM illustrates the WOCAT methodology and contains preliminary datasets and results from different continents. Further contributions from specialists are encouraged.

WOCAT contributes to the sustainable development of natural resources world wide by presenting lessons learned from successful examples of soil and water management. WOCAT collects, analyses and distributes knowledge about proven and promising Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) practices. In 1992, WOCAT was launched as a programme of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC). WOCAT is organized as a consortium of international institutions and coordinated by a Management Board consisting of CDE, FAO, ISRIC, OSS and DLD.

WOCAT has developed three comprehensive questionnaires, forming a framework for the evaluation of soil and water conservation and a methodology for data collection at the same time. Data are entered in an interactive database management and analysis system. WOCAT outputs consist of books and reports on appropriate SWC technologies and approaches, maps of SWC activities, databases, a decision support system, and world wide accessible information in paper or digital format and through the internet.
Regional training and data collection workshops have been organized in Africa and national workshops were held in Thailand and China. On this CD-ROM, the first results from these events are given.

This CD-ROM contains a programme profile, addresses, preliminary databases of SWC technologies, approaches, maps, a multimedia presentation, questionnaires, various reports with first results and a glossary. A menu structure facilitates the exploration of the CD-ROM and examination of the documents.

Important: Please be aware that all the data are in a preliminary stage! Users are kindly asked to submit comments and improvements to the CDE WOCAT.

For more information please contact :
The Chief, Soil Resources, Management and Conservation Service (AGLS)
FAO,Land and Water Development Division
Via delle Terme di Caracalla
0100 Rome Italy