Land and Water Digital Media Series

ECOCROP 1 & 2 - The crop environmental requirements database and The crop environment response database

FAO, Land and Water Digital Media Series n4,
December 1998,
ISBN 92-5-104181-4
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Ecocrop 1, the crop environmental requirements database, permits the identification of plant species whose most important climate and soil requirements match the information on climate and soil entered by the user. The database is designed to facilitate the comparison of 12 to 20 different environmental requirements of crops across different groups of species or across species of different use, and it can be used in all parts of the world. The database includes arable crops, grasses, trees and other plant species with economic uses.
Ecocrop 1 primarily holds information about the climate and soil requirements and uses of plant species, but it also provides a range of other information, such as a brief description of the species, common names in different languages and possible yields. It gives textual information about land use planning and about the interaction of environmental factors and the influence of these factors on plant growth. Ecocrop 1 includes a digitized climate zone map and a data entry and comments form that can be e-mailed back to FAO. It can produce output in a number of commonly used file formats.
Ecocrop 1 can be employed:
Ecocrop 2, the crop environment response database, is designed as a library of studies on crop responses in relation to environmental and management factors. It has been created to provide information for crop modelling and is intended especially as a tool to help researchers and scientists record, organize, handle and retrieve their own experimental findings and specific information on plant species of interest to them.
The crop files follow the DSSAT (Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer) format and are therefore widely applicable. The database holds information on varieties of 20 crops of worldwide importance. Each crop file contains on average 200 to 220 separate crop environmental response studies or data sets extracted from 40 to 50 sources.
The user can select certain environmental or management factors and crop responses, for which the information can be displayed in the form of response curves or in tabular form.
Ecocrop 2 is a database application developed in MS-ACCESS under Windows 3.11. It will run on any PC with Windows 3.11, 95 or NT.
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