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Section 0


Design of land consolidation pilot projects in Central and Eastern Europe, (The)

FAO Land and Tenure Study No. 6
Rome, 2003, 64 pp.
ISBN 92-5-105001-5
ISSN 1020-3117

This guide has been prepared to support land administrators in land agencies responsible for the technical design and implementation of land consolidation pilot projects in transition countries. It provides advice on what countries can do to start a land consolidation pilot project. It shows why land consolidation should be considered within agricultural and rural development policies and programmes. It describes the essential elements of land consolidation and how it can be introduced in different situations.

Section 3


Sustainable management of tropical forests in Central Africa. In search of excellence

FAO Forestry Paper No. 143
Rome, 2003, 140 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104976-9 ISSN 0258-6150

To highlight the numerous efforts undertaken in forest management within the past 20 years, FAO recently launched a new initiative entitled "In search of excellence" to identify and document successful examples of sustainable management. This document contains in-depth analyses in the form of 14 case studies. The management practices identified demonstrate the evolution of the forest sector in Central Africa. This compilation of information constitutes a source of inspiration for the actors in the forest sector and should lead to more widespread application of improved forest management practices which include all aspects of sustainable development.

Section 4


Report of the Subregional Workshop to Promote Sustainable Aquaculture Development in the Small Island Developing States of the Lesser Antilles. Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, 4-7 November 2002

FAO Fisheries Report No. 704
Rome, 2003, 130 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104993-9
ISSN 0429-9337

The subregional workshop was aimed at facilitating greater understanding of the issues involved in creating the required enabling environment for sustainable aquaculture development in the Lesser Antilles. Following the sharing of national experiences and the presentation of selected case studies on ongoing subregional aquaculture activities, the issues that have constrained past aquaculture development activities were discussed. The participants recognized the diversities in both the scale and success of past aquaculture activities in the subregion and identified the constraints to and opportunities for sustainable aquaculture development in the subregion.


Report of the twentieth session of the Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics. Victoria, Seychelles, 21-24 January 2003

FAO Fisheries Report No. 709
Rome, 2003, 72 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104992-0
ISSN 0429-9337

Topics discussed included: changes of membership of CWP; review of recommendations from CWP-19; reports of intersessional meetings; national data collection methodologies and data quality; environmental sustainability indicators.

Section 6


Food, Agriculture and Rural Development: Current and Emerging Issues for Economic Analysis and Policy Research (CUREMIS II). Vol.1: Latin America and the Caribbean

Rome, 2003, 152 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104998-X
ISSN 1728-9610

The present publication is part of the second edition of CUREMIS. This second edition covers current and emerging issues with a regional focus. It will consist of five volumes, one for each of the following regions: Latin America and the Caribbean; Asia and the Pacific; Sub-Saharan Africa; the Near East and North Africa; Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The present volume contains four in-depth reviews on: new institutions for agricultural and rural development; the changing role of women in the rural economy; innovative policy instruments and evaluation in rural and agricultural development; and rural space and territorial dimension of development.


Multilingual thesaurus on land tenure. English version

Rome, 2003, 210 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104283-7

The question of land tenure is returning to the agenda and many countries are showing renewed interest in the different ways of accessing natural resources with a view to the eventual introduction of land tenure reforms, in the context of food security, worldwide poverty alleviation, environmental protection or quality of life. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has therefore prepared the English version of the Multilingual thesaurus on land tenure. It constitutes the third volume of a linguistic polyptych, starting with the French and Spanish versions, and continuing with a complete adaptation in English. This comprehensive reading covers the socio-cultural differences in the field of land tenure of the different linguistic contexts in which they are found.


Nutrition Intake and Economic Growth. Studies on the cost of hunger

Rome, 2003, 134 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104975-0

This book sheds light on the relationship between food energy intakes and economic growth. Its results are intriguing not only for researchers but also for policy-makers and international donors. The publication contains three in-depth studies on the cost of hunger. From these three studies are drawn strong policy implications of how economic policy can enhance food security, thereby promoting pro-poor economic growth.

Section 8


Hazard characterization for pathogens in food and water. Guidelines

Microbiological Risk Assessment Series No. 3
Geneva, 2003, 76 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104940-8
ISSN 1726-5274

Hazard characterization, either as part of a microbiological risk assessment or as a stand-alone process, describes the human adverse health effects that may result from ingestion of pathogenic microorganisms. Ideally, it will include quantitative information in terms of a dose-response relation and the probability of adverse outcomes. This volume provides guidelines for the characterization of hazards in food and water using a structured, six-step approach, involving a description of the process of hazard characterization; process initiation; data collection and evaluation; descriptive characterization; dose-response modelling; and review of results. Co-published with WHO.


Nutrition Country Profiles 2003 (CD-ROM)

Rome, 2003, Trilingual (en/Fr/Es)
ISBN 92-5-004969-2

FAO's Nutrition Country Profiles offer a valuable tool for guiding and monitoring progress towards the achievement of food security and nutritional well-being. They provide concise reviews describing the food and nutrition situation in individual countries, with background statistics on food-related factors such as agricultural production and selected economic and demographic indicators.


Residues of some veterinary drugs in animals and food. Carbadox, Deltamethrin, Dicyclanin, Flumequine, Imidocarb dipropionate, Neomycin

FAO Food and Nutrition Paper No. 41/15
Rome, 2003, 88 pp.
ISBN 92-5-104978-5
ISSN 0254-4725

The residue monographs in this document provide information on chemical identity, properties, use, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, tissue residues and their depletion, and analytical methods for the substances indicated on the cover. This publication is intended for regulatory authorities, veterinary drug researchers and any other concerned persons who wish to gain information and insights into the assessment of the above listed information and who are involved in recommending maximum limits for veterinary drug residues in food.


Section 8


Aperçus nutritionnels par pays 2003 (CD-ROM)

Rome, 2003, trilingue (En/Fr/Es)
ISBN 92-5-004969-2

Les Aperçus nutritionnels par pays de la FAO permettent de connaître et de suivre les progrès réalisés dans les pays pour atteindre la sécurité alimentaire et le bien-être nutritionnel. Le présent CD-ROM fournit des synthèses sur la situation alimentaire et nutritionnelle par pays, ainsi que des statistiques de base sur les facteurs liés à l'alimentation tels que la production agricole et les indicateurs économiques et démographiques pertinents.


Sección 1


Guía para identificar las limitaciones de campo en la producción de arroz

Roma, 2003, 86 págs.
ISBN 92-5-304684-8

La Consulta de Expertos de la FAO sobre diferencias de rendimientos y declinación de la productividad del arroz llevada a cabo en Roma en 2000 reconoció la existencia de una diferencia significativa entre los rendimientos obtenidos por la investigación agrícola y el promedio de los rendimientos en los campos de los agricultores de todas las regiones, ambientes ecológicos y época de cultivo en todos los país productores de arroz del mundo. Las principales limitaciones que contribuyen a esta diferencia de rendimientos varían ampliamente entre problemas biofísicos y socioeconómicos. Este manual proporciona guías para la identificación de las limitaciones biofísicas y sugiere medidas que podrían corregir los problemas y mejorar los rendimientos en los campos de los agricultores.

Sección 8


Perfiles nutricionales por países 2003 (CD-ROM)

Roma, 2003, trilingüe (En/Fr/Es)
ISBN 92-5-004969-2

Los Perfiles nutricionales por país de la FAO son una herramienta que permite conocer y dar seguimiento a los logros obtenidos en los países para alcanzar la seguridad alimentaria y el bienestar nutricional. En este CD-ROM se proporcionan presentaciones sintéticas sobre la situación alementaria y nutricional por país. Se presentan también estadísticas básicas sobre los factores ligados a la alimentación tales como la producción agrícola y los indicadores económicos y demográficos pertinentes.

New titles in Arabic

Section 0

World Agriculture: Towards 2015/2030. Summary Report

Rome, 2003, 108 pp.
ISBN 92-5-604761-6

This report is a shorter version of World agriculture: towards 2015/2030 (available in English), FAO's latest assessment of the long-term outlook for the world's food supplies, nutrition and agriculture, due for release at the end of 2002. It summarizes the projections, distills the messages and presents them for the generalist. The projections cover supply and demand for the major agricultural commodities and sectors, including fisheries and forestry. This analysis forms the basis for a more detailed examination of other factors, such as nutrition and undernourishment, and the implications for international trade. The report also investigates the implications of future supply and demand for the natural resource base and discusses how technology can contribute to a more sustainable development.

Section 1

Desert Locust Guidelines

Rome, 2003 - Seven ring-binders in a slipcase
ISBN 92-5-604626-1

The Desert Locust plague of 1986-89 and the subsequent upsurges in the 1990s demonstrate the continuing capacity of this historic pest to threaten agriculture and food security over large parts of Africa, the Near East and southwest Asia. They emphasize the need for a permanent system of well-organized surveys of areas that have recently received rains or been flooded, backed up by control capability to treat hoppers and adults efficiently in an environmentally safe and cost-effective manner. Given the certainty that there will be future Desert Locust upsurges, FAO produced this series of guidelines primarily for use by national and international organisations and institutions involved in Desert Locust survey and control. The guidelines comprise: 1. Biology and behaviour; 2. Survey; 3. Information and forecasting; 4. Control; 5. Campaign organization and execution; 6. Safety and environmental precautions. Appendixes (including an index) are provided for easy reference by readers.

Section 3

Forestry Outlook Study for Africa. Regional Report - opportunities and challenges towards 2020

Rome, 2003, 76 pp.
ISBN 92-5-604910-4 ISSN 1728-4422

This regional report on the Forestry Outlook Study for Africa provides an overview of the potentials and challenges for enhancing the contribution of the forest sector to Africa's sustainable development, taking into account the policy and institutional, demographic, economic, technological and environmental changes. Examining the impact of the driving forces and probable scenarios, it gives an indication of what may happen up to the year 2020 if the present trends persist. The priorities and strategies to enhance forest sector's contribution to societal welfare are also discussed.



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