Committee on Commodity Problems
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Second meeting of the CCP working group on the consultative sub-committee on surplus disposal

Friday, 15 March 2015, FAO Headquarters, Lebanon Room at 14:30 hrs

The Second Meeting of the CCP Working Group on the Consultative Sub-Committee on Surplus Disposal (CSSD), will be held on Friday, 15 May 2015 at 14:30 hrs in the Lebanon Room (D-209 bis). The meeting will be conducted in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

The Provisional Agenda of the meeting is as follows:

1. Approval of the Terms of Reference of the Working Group on the CSSD

2. Review of the role and relevance of the CSSD and possible options for the way forward

3. Any other matters

The meeting is open to all Members of the Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP).


  • Draft Terms of Reference of the Working Group on the CSSD with proposed changes in track mode
    English  |  French  |  Spanish
    Kindly note that the Arabic version of this document is under translation and will be circulated as soon as possible
  • The Food Assistance Convention which replaced the old Food Aid Convention in 2012
    English  |  French
  • Food Assistance Convention (FAC) Rules of Procedure
    English  |  French
  • CCP document on the CSSD that was presented to the 70th Session of the CCP in October 2014
    Arabic  |  English  |  French  |  Spanish
  • CCP document: Annex L of the WTO Modalities on Agriculture – December 2008 
    Arabic  |  English  |  French  |  Spanish