HLPE - High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition


Why, how, what is the HLPE? See HLPE Key Elements

Why the HLPE?
The origin of the HLPE lies in the need for better and more widely shared expertise to improve the design and coordination of food security and nutrition policies at all levels (from local to international).

Indeed, fragmentation of expert debates by academic disciplines and by knowledge sources can be detrimental to strong and effective policy decisions.

The challenge ahead is to translate the richness and variety of forms of expert knowledge from many actors (knowledge of local implementation, knowledge based on global research and knowledge of “best practice”) that draw on both local and global sources, into policy-related forms of knowledge. This must be done in a credible, relevant and legitimate way, to help decision makers at international levels to better anticipate emerging problems, to better understand the diversity of issues and rationales when dealing with food and nutrition insecurity.

The HLPE will thus aim to clarify sometimes contradictory information and knowledge, to elicit controversies and identify emerging issues.

How will the HLPE be commissioned?
The CFS or its Bureau will commission studies by the HLPE. However, HLPE reports will be approved by its Steering Committee and will be submitted to CFS for consideration. The HLPE is therefore a tool to provide state-of-the art, independent expertise to the CFS to improve decision making at all levels.

How is the HLPE funded?
The HLPE is funded through voluntary contributions to a trust fund in FAO. The budget covers the costs of the preparation of reports, support to the Steering Committee of the HLPE and Project Teams, HLPE-related events, Steering Committee meetings (twice a year) and Secretariat Support.

France, The Commission of the European Union, Switzerland, Spain, the United-Kingdom, Australia and the Russian Federation have to date contributed to the trust fund.

How to nominate candidates to the HLPE Roster?
Governments and other CFS stakeholders can nominate experts to the HLPE Roster, that will be used by the HLPE Steering Committee to form HLPE Project Teams. The nomination process is all internet based.

Instructions on how to nominate experts to the HLPE Roster are available here.