HLPE - High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition

Call for Experts

Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition, including the role of livestock

At its 41st session in October 2014, the CFS has requested the HLPE to prepare a study on Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition, including the role of livestock, to feed into CFS debates and the CFS Plenary session of October 2016. As part of its report elaboration process, the HLPE is now calling for interested experts to candidate to the Project Team for this report.

Candidatures are open from 25 November 2014 to 15 January 2015


In particular, the HLPE is looking for interested experts with competencies in one or several of the following areas, to participate in the work of the Project Team:

  • Sustainable development;
  • Agronomic systems and environmental analysis;
  • Livestock expertise with clear understanding of environmental, economic and social challenges of the sector;
  • Policy analyst with skills economics, trade and investment issues of agricultural and livestock systems;
  • Public health and nutrition expertise with experience at the agriculture / food interface;
  • Pastoral systems expertise;
  • Development policy and practice expertise;
  • Public policy expertise including reform and transition processes.

To apply, please download and fill the form here.
The application form must be accompanied by a CV for the nomination to be considered complete.

Please send the documents to: cfs-hlpe@fao.org before 15th January 2015.

The Project Team will be selected by the HLPE Steering Committee by end of January 2015 and will work from February 2015 to end of March 2016. Please refer to the draft study timeline.

See www.fao.org/cfs/cfs-hlpe for any documents regarding the HLPE, and the process for elaboration of reports, including the internal procedures and methodological guidelines.

Please note that in parallel to this call for experts, the HLPE is holding an open electronic consultation to seek views and comments on a draft scope and building blocks of the report, as proposed by the HLPE Steering Committee. To read the proposed scope and participate to the consultation, visit the HLPE eConsultation website.


Download the above information in pdf.


Many thanks for your interest.

The Secrectariat, on behalf of the Steering Committee of the HLPE.