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Outcomes of the joint seminar HLPE / Columbia University of May 2016 are now available!

Nutrition and Food Systems - Team Appointed

The HLPE Project Team on Nutrition and Food Systems has been appointed.

Read their bios here!


SAVE THE DATE - [5 May 2016] - International Seminar HLPE/Columbia University


The results (Synthesis + Full Proceedings) of the eConsultation on the Issues Note of the Study on Nutrition and Food Systems are now available.

Nutrition and Food Systems

Call for Experts + eConsultation on the Issues Note on the Study

[9 Dec 2015 - 30 Jan 2016 / EXTENED TO 15 Feb 2016]

Election of HLPE Chair and Vice-Chair

The 2015-2017 HLPE Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson have been elected!

Mary Robinson's Keynote @ CFS42

During her keynote speech, Mary Robinson mentioned the importance of the HLPE as backbone of the work of the CFS.

HLPE Presentation @ CFS42

The HLPE presents its latest report on Water to the CFS42 Plenary!

Pinstrup-Andersen's speech @ CFS42

Read the speech of Pinstrup-Andersen, the HLPE Chairperson at CFS42!

EXTENSION - Sustainable agricultural development, including the role of Livestock

The eConsultation on the Draft V0 of the Report is open.

EXTENEDED UNTIL 16 November 2015!

(original dates [2-31 October 2015])

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