World Food Summit

Session documents

96/WFS/Tasks Tackling hunger in a world full of food: tasks ahead for food aid BN211
96/WFS/Tech/02 Water development for food security BN213
96/WFS/Tech/03 Investment in agriculture: evolution and prospects BN214
96/WFS/Tech/04 Food for consumers: marketing, processing and distribution BN215
96/WFS/Tech/05 Overall socio-political and economic environment for food security at national, regional and global levels BN216
96/WFS/Tech/06 Lessons from the green revolution - towards a new green revolution BN217
96/WFS/Tech/07 Food security assessment BN218
96/WFS/Tech/08 Food and international trade BN219
96/WFS/03/Rev1 Towards universal food security draft of a policy statement and plan of action BN220