31 Sowing the seeds of nutrition through nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems

Lessons learnt from the collaboration between the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture and FAO

Organizers: German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture; FAO


Nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems have received growing political attention since the ICN2, and nutrition is a central work stream of the CFS. But what does it take to make agriculture and food systems nutrition-sensitive? Since 2002, the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL) and FAO have piloted innovative ways to improve the nutritional impact of agriculture and food systems from community level, to national and regional levels through their Bilateral Trust Fund. BMEL and FAO will share experiences from projects designed to make agriculture and food systems nutrition- sensitive. These include efforts to scale up capacities for quality nutrition education with a network of African Universities; working with Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Agriculture to integrate nutrition in the national agricultural strategy and pre-service and in-service training; and working with the AU/NEPAD to mainstream nutrition in CAADP. Germany will present conclusions of the XII. Policies Against Hunger conference on Sowing the seeds for nutrition organised by BMEL from June 22-24th in Berlin and how CFS might take them up for its work stream. Panelists will discuss pathways and tools to end malnutrition in all its forms. The audience will be invited to share their thoughts on what is needed to improve political action.


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