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The multi-sectoral nature of scaling up production and utilization of nutritious foods; making it happen – some experiences from the field

Organizers: Bioversity International; FAO; Canada; Scaling Up Nutrition Movement; World Vision International


Achieving good nutrition through sustainable diets requires inter-sectoral action at national and sub-national levels. This event will explore ‘how to’ achieve this. Concrete examples will be presented of tools and approaches that have catalysed multi- sectoral collaboration for nutrition. At field Level:

In Ghana, regional Health Services initiated collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to support household production of local nutritious foods, catalysed by World Vision’s distance learning course.

In Kenya, value chains for local food products were piloted, using Bioversity and FAO’s ‘Farmer Business Schools’ to build capacity on market linkages and promoting local biodiversity, and inform national policy.

At National Policy level:

Several initiatives funded by the Government of Canada adopt a multi-sectoral approach, combining nutrition specific and sensitive activities.

A SUN focal point will share a country’s experience in fostering multi-sectoral collaboration at central and decentralised levels.

FAO builds national capacities to mainstream nutrition in food and agriculture policies and strengthen inter-sectoral collaboration.

The session will be moderated by the Coordinator of the SUN Movement.


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