086 The Human Right to Food Security

Zero Tolerance towards Food Loss and Waste


  • Corporación IGDE
  • Parlamento Andino
  • Social Innovation Teams Roma
  • Agroindustria LASORO Snack's y Carliscack's


Given that the current situation in the Andean region, where increasing chronic hunger, food loss and waste coexist at the same time, it is imperative that regional institutions, governments and stakeholders take concrete actions towards solving these issues through comprehensive and complementary actions, which need to be inclusive, comprehensive and sustainable. Following the initiative of Hon. Patricia Terán Basso of the Andean Parliament - Ecuador Representation, a draft proposal for a regional initiative involving all five Members (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) was presented to initiate a series of activities aiming at the implementation of SDG2, such as:

i. massive information campaigns to inform governments as well as citizens on virtuous conducts;
ii. the elaboration of specific normative frameworks at the sub-regional, national and local level;
iii. coordinations of all segments of societies to work harmoniously towards SDG2.

This specific initiative would like to merge country-specific initiatives with the several relevant CFS Policy Products tackling the issues of undernourishment and food loss and waste. The implementation mechanism would like to deliver results through a series of coordinated actions that take inspiration from different sources, such as CFS products, international standards and other relevant documents by CODEX Alimentarius and the regular normative activity of the Andean Parliament together with the national governments of the five Members. This initiative also aims at fostering bottom-up participation of Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector stakeholders through the organization of regular meetings such as the one that took place during March 2018 at the National Assembly of Ecuador to discuss a coordinated implementation of the recently approved Normative Framework for the promotion of productive and value chains, by the Andean Parliament. During said event, the participation of food producers triggered a very positive dialogue between all parties involved.

Key speakers/presenters

  • Patricia Teran Basso - Parlamento Andino - Rapresentacion del Ecuador
  • José Villena Castillo - Presidente de la Corporación IGDE
  • Caterina Costa - Presidenta de la Federación de Camaras de Industrias del Ecuador
  • Sara Cahill - Senior Food Policy Officer - CODEX Alimentarius
  • Mencay Nequihui - Presidenta de la Asociacion de Mujeres Waorani del Amazonia
  • Mario Arvelo - Chairperson of the CFS

Main themes/issues discussed

The main themes/issued discussed revolved around the need to break silos between various segments of societies at all levels, bringing together the different initiatives brought forward by international organizations, national and local governments, civil society organizations and the private sector. For this reason, a speaker from each of the aforementioned categories had the chance to address the critical topic of food security as a human right, with a particular focus on fighting food loss and waste along the food value chain.

Summary of key points

The establishment of a stronger partnership amongst all actors involved as a response to the worrisome fact that hunger is on the rise again. Latin America has done a lot in the past in its fight against hunger but these initiatives seem to have lost momentum for several variegated factor; thus, it is key to provide renovated efforts through a coordinated approach that has the vision to enable international organizations to talk with national governments more effectively while fostering participation at all levels; reinforce national and local governments in their role as sovereign actors on the international stage;
incorporate the needs of the private sector while creating sustainable economic environments for all; and allow civil society organizations to increase their presence in international fora with the clear objective of becoming the beacon for a fair and thorough participation of all segments of societies not just within one’s borders.

Key take away messages

There is an urgent need to break silos in tackling food security issues; the most effective way get back on track with SDGs is through careful planning and selective management to solve issues in the short, medium and long run. Food Loss and Waste can be greatly reduced through an inclusive legislative approach at all levels, to ensure an effective implementation along the food value chain.