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Woman: Life at the Sharp Edge

I have attended a number of side events during the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), but this one was different. The room a bit quiet, I could see more women than men. It was almost impossible to hold back [...]

It’s organic but don’t panic!

It is common knowledge that not only do we struggle to feed our planet but also provide proper nutrition. We’ve been approaching the issue from many angles and there have been great successes such as the System of Rice Intensification [...]

Out from under your feet

How would you feel if everything that you worked for and all that you owned were to be taken away from you? Well this is the sad reality that many farmers around the world face, as they often do not [...]

Coming out of the woodwork: Ensuring agroforestry policy sees the light of day

Agroforestry is well documented as a farming practice that holds the key to food security and resilience. However, there are also barriers to its development and expansion. One of the key obstacles is the lack of a facilitated policy by [...]

Farmer’s Market 2.0

As an entrepreneur, I have always heard that the best place to launch your startup is Singapore. Today, I got surprised because apparently, Singapore is also one of the best places where agri-food innovators can launch their farms. Let’s start from [...]

Less violation, more innovation

“Women are never raped, they are part of the rape”: citing this common saying in Pakistan, Ms. Azra Sayeed of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) revealed the flagrant and collective violation of women’s rights in her home country. This, [...]

Go Organic, Stay Healthy and Sustainable!

Agriculture is under threat—its sustainability is a big challenge for us all. Many options are being tried to make agricultural practices sustainable, and organic agriculture is one among them. The multiple features of organic agriculture that contribute to food security [...]

Weaving smart food loops for you, for the planet and for the farmer

Karnataka is hot and dry. Most of the agriculture here is rain fed. So, growing rice or wheat is hard and risky. A farmer himself, Krishna Byre (Minister of Agriculture in Karnataka, India) was looking for another staple for his [...]

Data democracy: a new age

The power of data over our lives is hard to overestimate. It governs how we understand and interact with the modern world, how it is measured and controlled. So what is being done to utilise open data for global food security [...]

Our choice: bio-diversity or bio-adversity?

“Agro-biodiversity contributes to the productivity, stability and resilience of agro-ecosystems…”--Seth Cook, IIED senior researcher At one of the side events at the 44th session of the Committee on World Food Security, Seth Cook, senior researcher at IIED described the current state [...]
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