12 October Capacity building within marine resources and the importance of putting fish on the menu

12 October Climate-smart agriculture and gender – evidence for equitable, food secure and sustainable agriculture


12 OctoberBuilding resilience for food security and nutrition in contexts facing recurrent shocks and stressors: operationalising RBA collaboration

12 October The right to water for the progressive realization of the right to adequate food - the role of CFS


13 October Revisiting Capacity Development for greater impact on Food Security and Nutrition

13 October Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises: the way forward


13 October Practical guidance on the operationalisation of responsible investment principles in large-scale agricultural investments

13 October Enhancing food security through agriculture insurance, a concrete tool for the future of African farmers


13 October Enabling innovation: cultivating young talent to drive sustainable agri-food systems in 2030

13 October Ending Rural Hunger: Mapping Needs and Actions for Food and Nutrition Security


13 October Harnessing the adaptation and innovation potential of smallholder farmers and rural communities - addressing climate change related risks and vulnerabilities for food security and nutrition

13 October Healthy Diets From Climate-Smart Food Systems


13 October How to reconcile climate change and food security? The run up to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference

13 October Empowering youth to pursue careers in agriculture: A public-private approac


13 October Creating Food Environments for Healthy Diets: Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) Follow-up

13 October Cultivating Agroecology for Food and Agriculture. A priority for CFS


14 October The Global Conference NO MORE FOOD TO WASTE – Global action to stop food losses and food waste: Highlights and initiated actions

14 October Climate change, food security and nutrition: cultivating sustainable diets and food systems


14 October Investments for a healthy food system: Implementation of the ICN2 Framework for Action

14 October Trade for Food Security: Empowering smallholders for sustainable value chains


14 October Supporting the Role of Fish in Food Security and Nutrition: Caribbean Fisheries Climate-Risk Insurance; Our Ocean Conference; and Blue Growth Network

14 October Why food must move to feed a hungry world


14 October Engaging private sector in nutrition: A look at food value chains and the SUN Business Network

14 October Policy Coherence of Rural Development and Trade Promotion in Post-2015 – growing closer for mutual benefit in food and nutrition security


14 October Women in protracted crises: Syrian realities and CFS FFA for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises

14 October Multi-Sector Partnerships Drive Food Safety Solutions that Increase Food Availability, Improve Nutrition and Health, and Enhance Economic Status


14 October Water governance in the Near East and North Africa: A policy debate on tenure, equity and gender

14 October How The Narrow, Binding International Agreement To Eradicate Malnutrition Would Strengthen Broader Campaigns For The Right-To-Food And Global Food Security


15 October Addressing Food Security in the Face of Climate Change: GACSA’s Actions in the context of Climate-Smart Agriculture

15 October Cooperative enterprises and producer organizations: Empowering producers to build a healthier, food-secure world


15 October South-South and Triangular cooperation in food security and nutrition: the case of Argentina´s ProHuerta Project in Haití

15 October Joining Efforts on Sustainable Food and Agriculture


15 October Dialogue on access, recovery and redistribution of food: actions to expand food supply and reduce food losses and waste

15 October What trade policies to increase food security and food sovereignty, strengthen local food systems and protect and strengthen small food producers


15 October Launch: The Cost of the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity

15 October Sustainable soil management: healthy soils for food security and nutrition