45 Land, gender and food security: the rule of law as an enabler

How rule of law strategies and approaches can promoting gender equality in the area of land, natural resources and food security

Organizers: The International Development Law Organization (IDLO); Italy


Globally, the intersection of gender, land and food security has been increasingly explored, and there is gradual recognition that women’s right to land and other resources is critical to food security. The FAO 2012 State of Food and Agriculture report suggests that increasing agricultural productivity for women due to gender–specific social norms would have significant impacts in alleviating world hunger. Studies also show that when assets, including land, are in the hands of women, it leads to families allocating more resources to food and nutrition, which influences health outcomes. However, the role of the rule of law in this nexus is not well understood and discriminatory laws continue to prevail. Although data may be limited, there have been several rule of law initiatives within the land, gender and food security nexus that can offer lessons for moving forward. IDLO has produced a policy report that seeks to influence the global dialogue on land, gender equality and food security through the provision of concrete lessons and recommendations. The purpose of this event is to present the main highlights of the report and open a policy dialogue on effective rule of law strategies and approaches to promoting gender equality in the area of land, natural resources and food security.


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