50 GAFSP Missing Middle Initiative Launch event

Launching a pilot initiative, with $12 million in grant funding to innovative agriculture projects that directly support smallholder farmers

Organizers: Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP)


Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) was launched in April 2010 in response to a request from the G20. GAFSP is country-led, supporting countries’ priorities reflected in their national agriculture and food security investment plans, and provides a platform for coordinated donor financing around country programs and sustainable private sector investment. In 2016, GAFSP launched a new pilot initiative called the “Missing Middle Initiative”. The GAFSP Steering Committee, which is the governing body, has identified that entities like producer organizations (POs), smallholder farmer groups, and small and medium enterprises are currently not being sufficiently serviced by the Program. In the financing continuum with grants at one end and lending at near-commercial rates at the other, the “Missing Middle” refers to those entities like POs/ag-CSOs, which have largely been unable to directly access GAFSP funds, and have smallholder farmer groups as members or are directly connected to smallholder farmers. MMI promotes improved access to finance (grants, concessional finance or commercial finance) and complementary services (extension, capacity building, technology or access to markets) to smallholder farmers through entities like POs/ag-CSOs. The proposed side-event will announce the successful proposals of GAFSP’s “Missing Middle Initiative”, which will be selected through a competitive process.


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