020 The Future of Farming

Innovation and Agroecology: A Path to Sustainability


  • Private Sector Mechanism
  • Argentina
  • World Farmers Organization
  • Farming First


Are innovation and agroecology capable of working hand-in-hand? Is the future dependent on integrated solutions to agriculture?  As CFS gears up for the HLPE report on Agroecology and Other Innovations, let's think about the ways they work together right from a soil microbe to a satellite. Join us for some of the best examples of innovations to advance the agroecological outcomes in areas the UN is calling for including: recycling, resource use efficiency, optimizing external inputs, diversification, integration, and soil health. Speakers will address solutions that apply to farms of all sizes and regions.  Then help us discuss how to design sustainable farming systems that strengthen the interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment for food security and nutrition, enhance productivity, improve nutrition, conserve the natural resource base and attain more sustainable and innovative food systems using new technologies. (A/RES/72/215)     

CFS - Side Event 020 - The Future of Farming