SE023 Beacons of Hope in a Turbulent World: The Building Evidence for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Transformations


  • Global Alliance for the Future of Food / Agroecology Fund
  • Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development
  • UN Environment
  • FAO
  • Zambia
  • World Wildlife Fund International (WWF)
  • Hivos

This side event aims to amplify the power and potential of transforming food systems to address critical global issues such as climate change, biodiversity, equity, and health. There is an urgent need for systems transformation, and a number of initiatives globally are contributing to the important conversation about how to accelerate transitions to truly sustainable, equitable, and secure food systems now and for future generations. The “Beacons of Hope” featured at the event provide inspiring examples and evidence that the transformations we collectively seek as a global community are possible.

Key elements in the transformation to sustainable food systems will be explored, including: protecting, promoting, and supporting family farmers and Indigenous communities producing food using agroecological and diversified approaches and principles; co-creation of knowledge, and knowledge exchange and dissemination; developing cooperative ownership models; emphasizing ideas of circular and solidarity economy; reinforcing the importance of culturally relevant and place-specific sustainable diets; establishing participatory approaches and inclusive governance; identifying new market mechanisms; and adopting new holistic metrics.

Two new initiatives will be presented, the One Planet Network Collaborative Framework for Sustainable Food Systems Transformation, and the Global Alliance for the Future Beacons of Hope Transformation Toolkit. These shared frameworks support the policy and practice of agroecology and sustainable food systems transformation and strengthen linkages between agroecology, sustainable food systems and the SDGs, linking up climate, biodiversity, food and nutrition security.


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