SE129 Antimicrobial resistance: everyone's concern from farm to fork: How can farmers, governments and international organizations work together to reduce the risks of AMR to achieve global food security?


  • FAO
  • WHO
  • World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)
  • World Farmers` Organisation (WFO)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Norway
  • Norwegian Farmers` Union

This side event will address AMR as a societal concern that spans primary production, consumption and the environment through a joint effort by FAO, WHO, OIE, WFO and the Norwegian Farmers` Union and the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Antimicrobials are essential to treat infections. However, their overuse and misuse is linked to the emergence and spread of resistant bacteria, rendering the treatment of infectious diseases ineffective in animals and humans. The risks are particularly high within the agricultural sector where the misuse of antibiotics may lead to the spread of AMR with severe impacts on food systems, as well as on farmers' livelihoods. AMR emergence is critical to preserve our ability to treat diseases in humans, animals, and plants, to protect health and guarantee food security and food production sustainability. The side event will address how stakeholders including international organizations, member states, farmers, civil society, private sector and research institutions work together to tackle this challenge.


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