Greening CFS

CFS 46 is climate neutral

Carbon emissions of delegates will be offset by a contribution to the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Platform

CFS is PaperSmart

Electronic copies of CFS 46 Session Documents are available in all languages.

Printed copies may be requested by email.  Send an email to [email protected] with the document number (see the CFS 46 Session Documents) and the language required.  You will receive an email when your copies are ready for pick up from the CFS 46 Document Pick Up located at the document desk in the Korean Conference Service Centre (Building A, 1st Floor) near the Red and Green Rooms.

Requests for printing will be handled in the order that they are received.

Thank you for helping make CFS greener.

If you are attending CFS 46 remember that:

  • Water fountains are available throughout FAO Headquarters with normal, cold or sparkling options. You may want to bring a refillable water bottle in order to reduce the production of plastic waste as much as possible;
  • If and when choosing your accommodation, you may want to select a green hotel. The hotels part of the Rome-based Agencies Preferred Hotel Programme (PHP) have been evaluated and those with an eco-friendly performance have been flagged in this list;
  • Sustainable (i.e. organic, seasonal, local, rich in ancient grains, vegetables and fish/poultry) menus can be offered during coffee breaks and cocktails. More information can be obtained at [email protected].