61 Counting the Beans - Affording a healthy diet and nutritious food

Cost of plate of nutritious food : Insights from country-level analyses shared in a report-cum-atlas


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Cost and affordability of nutritious foods are key to allow access to a healthy diet for all and leaving no one behind. Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 requires identifying cost-effective, context-specific solutions to overcome affordability barriers along the food system through better use of existing data and innovative analyses. Results obtained in that way can inspire action from government sectors, the UN system, private sector, civil society and academia, towards improved availability and access to safe, nutritious foods, in particular among vulnerable groups.

A recently published report-cum-atlas, to be launched at the September 2017 United Nations General Assembly, offers such analytical approaches together with several country examples. Alongside a thought-provoking take on food affordability in 33 developing nations, it includes a presentation of food systems as complex equilibriums, in which neglecting or damaging a single lever can make food unaffordable for many; a typology of what can go wrong with supply chains, whose role in the pricing of food is paramount; and an assessment of the cost and affordability of an adequately nutritious diet for diverse demographics. All of it is supported by national case studies and potential solutions devised or practised by national stakeholders with support from WFP and others.

The session will showcase different components and policy relevance of the analyses through an interactive sharing of perspectives from national governments, private sector, United Nations (WFP) and civil society, as primary users and target audience of the analytical approaches and tools.





Side Event - 61 - Counting the Beans - Affording a healthy diet and nutritious food