Committee on World Food Security

#Y4FSN CFS 42 Youth for Food Security and Nutrition Idea Incubator

Monday 12 Oct 17.30 - 19.00, Iraq Room, FAO, Rome, Italy

Hear from youth on their ideas to address food security and nutrition in the videos below. Ten youth will be selected to come pitch their idea live to a panel of inspiring individuals including entrepreneurs, social leaders, academics, and others. They will receive feedback on their ideas and establish contacts with a network of actors engaged in food security and nutrition. 

The ten youth selected to pitch their idea live at CFS 42



Josefa Candida da Silva, Brazil

Malick Lingani, Burkina Faso

Alessandra D’Angelo, Italy

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Rose Sakala, Malawi

Aissata Sow, Mali/France

Johnson Oluwaseun, Nigeria/Ghana

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Chemora McKnee, St. Vincent
and the Grenadines

Charles Batte, Uganda

Linda Faison, USA/Italy

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Jorum Duri, Zimbabwe


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Video entries to the #Y4FSN Incubator




af01 af02 af03

AF01: Burkina Faso: Maimouna Ilboudo
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AF02: Burkina Faso: Malick Lingani
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AF03: Burundi: Giramahoro Guy Fleury
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af04 af05 af06

AF04: Cameroon: Flavien K0uatcha and Joel Wega
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AF05: Cameroon: Rogers Wase
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AF06: Central African Republic: Santiago Quinones
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af07 af08 af32

AF07: Ghana: Thomas Abugah

AF08: Kenya: Calvin Okello

AF8A: Nigeria: Chidi Orjioke
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af09 af10 af11

AF09: Kenya: Chibudu Nyiro
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AF10: Kenya: Clifford Okoth
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AF11: Kenya: Daniel Owino
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af1a af12 af13

AF1A: Kenya: James Ogingo
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AF12: Kenya: Elizabeth Mwashuma
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AF13: Kenya: Mustafah Otieno
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af14 af15 af16

AF14: Malawi: Rose Sakala
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AF15: Mali: Aissata Diakite
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AF16: Nigeria: Adesuyi Tosin
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af17 af18 af19

AF17: Nigeria: Adeyeye Michael
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AF18: Nigeria: Mene Orits
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AF19: Nigeria: Morgan Okpara
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af20 af33 af21

AF20: Nigeria: Odika Ebere
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AF2A: Nigeria: Oluwaseun Johnson
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AF21: Nigeria: Tochukwu Emelone
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af22 af23 af24

AF22: Rwanda: Uwineza Clarisse
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AF23: Senegal: El Hadji Ousmane Ka
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AF24: Senegal: Yves Tchouante
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af25 af26 af27

AF25: South Africa: Bibi-Aisha Wadvalla
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AF26:South Africa: Ntombizethu Mkhwanazi
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AF27: Uganda: Cedrick Karibwende
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af28 af29 af30

AF28: Uganda: Charles Batte
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AF29: Uganda: Ezen Kavuma
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AF30: Zimbabwe: Jorum Duri
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af31 af34

AF31: APVAE Team
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AF34: Uganda: Kamanda True
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AS01: Vietnam: Bui Mai Phuong
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eu01 eu02 eu03

EU01: Greece: Pavlos Georgiadis
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EU02: Italy: Beatrice Mudadu
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EU03: Italy: Luigia D'Alessandro and Stefania Iorio
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eu04 eu05

EU04: Italy: Silvia Magagnoli
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EU05: Italy/USA: Linda Faison
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la01 la02 la03

LA01: Brazil: Cristiano Fernandes
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LA02: Brazil: Diogo Paulini Barbosa
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LA03: Brazil: Josefa Candida
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la04 la05 la06

LA04: Brazil: Joseph Hakkinen to share

LA05: Brazil: Suan Alisson
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LA06: Peru: Daniela Rivas to share

la07 la08 gl02

LA07: St Vincent and the Grenadines: Bradley Douglas
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LA08: St Vincent and the Grenadines: Chemora Mc Knee
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LA09: Trinidad and Tobago: Keron Bascombe
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NE01: Iran: Maryam Hakim Elahi
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NA01: USA: Nina Barbetti
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gl01 gl03

GL01: Global: Alessandra D'Angelo
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GL02: Global: Lisanna Meulendijks
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What's the CFS Youth Incubator about?

We’re looking for youth who are tackling food insecurity and malnutrition. Are you:

  • Someone with a bright idea about how to engage youth to end hunger and malnutrition?
  • Are you 15 – 35?
  • An engaging and inspiring speaker?

How can you participate?

You’re invited to pitch your idea/initiative which engages youth in agriculture and food systems in a (maximum) 3 minute video outlining how your initiative will help end hunger and malnutrition. Upload the video to YouTube or other video hosting website with the hashtag #Y4FSNCFS by July 31st, 2015. The competition is now closed

Who you'll get feedback from

  • Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Special Envoy on Youth*
  • Mr. Pape Samb, Chairman and CEO, Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN)
  • Ms. Christine Gould, Co-Founder, Thought for Food Challenge
  • Mr. Kareem Michael Larcher, Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) Science and Agriculture Film and Video Prize Winner
  • Ms. Trang Tran, TED 2015 Fellow and CEO of Fargreen

*invited, still to be confirmed

Live speakers will be selected based on the way their idea addresses the following criteria:

  • Impact on food security and nutrition (50%) – What scale of impact will the idea have on local/global community? Is the idea scalable?
  • Viability (30%) – Can the idea be realized in the near future (5 years) with a reasonable amount of resources?
  • Originality (10%) – Is it a transformational idea?
  • Clarity (10%) – How clearly is the idea communicated?


  • Call for Videos is published and disseminated:    1 July 2015
  • Deadline for video submission, all videos available on CFS website Youth Incubator page: 7 August 2015
  • Ten youth who submitted videos are contacted to arrange participation in CFS 42: 1 September 2015
  • Panelists are invited to review youth videos/ideas in advance: 15 September 2015
  • Event at CFS 42: 12 October 2015, 17.30 - 19.00 Iraq Room, FAO, Rome, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have specific education or experience in a certain area in order to propose an idea?

  • Definitely not – any youth with an idea can enter.

What if I don’t have an idea in mind, is there a way for me to participate? 

  • Yes, you can support those that have entered by liking, commenting, and sharing on each of the projects in the gallery.

Who owns my idea/project/video?

  • You maintain ownership of your idea and only grant CFS the right to feature your film on the Youth Idea Incubator page of the CFS website

What is the selection process?  

  • Youth will be selected based on the criteria listed in the guidelines with consideration for gender and regional diversity

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