Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Working Space

CFS Multi-Year Programme of Work

First Open Meeting for the Preparation of the CFS MYPoW for 2020-2023
25 January 2019
09:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:00 - Green Room, FAO



01 Preliminary Proposals
            01a - Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
            01b - Tackling Inequalities for FSN
            01c - Water Management for FSN
            01d - Multistakeholder Partnerships Follow-up
            01e - Youth in Agriculture and Food Systems
            01f - Reducing Inequalities for FSN
            01g - Fostering Farmers' Access to Innovation
            01h - Youth engagement in FSN policy making processes
            01i - Youth Employment, Rural Transformation and Territorial Approaches
            01j - Conflicts, Migrations and FSN
            01k - Data Collection and Analysis Tools
            01l - Uptake of the VG on Food Systems and Nutrition

02 Indications on MYPoW Structure and Preparatory Process

03 CFS MYPoW Workplan for 2019



Preparation of the preliminary proposals regarding potential future CFS thematic workstreams

CFS stakeholders are invited to submit the preliminary proposals regarding CFS thematic workstreams associated with outputs 1.1 (inclusive discussions) or output 2.1 (global policy guidance) to the CFS Secretariat –  – by Friday 4 January 2019.

The following documents are intended to provide a reference and facilitate the preparation of the preliminary proposals:

·         Letter of the CFS Chair including the list of issues raised during the CFS 45 Plenary discussion on Critical and Emerging Issues

·         Transcript of the CFS 45 Plenary discussion on Critical and Emerging Issue

·         Template for the submission of Preliminary Proposals

·         Annex B of the Evaluation Implementation Report

·         Two examples of Preliminary Proposals for your reference


Other documents