Intergovernmental Technical Working Groups

The Commission has established four intergovernmental technical working groups. The purpose of these working groups is to:

  • review the situation and technical issues related to the different areas of competence;
  • to advise and make recommendations to the Commission on the matters
  • to consider the progress made in implementing the Commission's programme of work on, as well as any other matters referred to the Working Group by the Commission;
  • report to the Commission on its activities.

In order for the Working Groups to carry out this mandate, the Commission will assign specific tasks to the working groups.

The members are elected at each regular session and shall be composed of 28 Member Nations from the following regions:

  • 5 from Africa
  • 5 from Europe
  • 5 from Asia
  • 5 from Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 4 from the Near East
  • 2 from North America
  • 2 from Southwest Pacific