A One Planet Summit for Biodiversity


The ‘One Planet Summit has been organized by the French Government since 2017.  The summit is a platform  for the international community and in particular for the 2030 Action Agenda. It tackles climate change challenges and supports the objectives of the Paris Agreement, by encouraging stronger commitments and more concrete decisions from stakeholders. 

Each summit or regional event has been an opportunity for political leaders, the private sector, decision makers, foundations, NGOs and citizens to come together to identify and accelerate funding for climate, biodiversity and ocean solutions. They aim to build multi-stakeholder partnerships, ‘One Planet Coaltions’ to break down silos and to implement a low-carbon and green transition.

This year’s summit takes place in the face of a pandemic and aims to accelerate the global transition to a more virtuous economy, placing climate and nature at the core of recovery efforts.

The 2021 Summit has four key themes:

  • Protection of land and marine ecosystems
  • Mobilization of finance for the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Agro-ecological promotion
  • The link between deforestation, species and human health

FAO involvement

The Director-General will participate in two high-level events:

1. Great Green Wall Investment Forum (Session 3) 'Reconcile the challenges of restoration, food security and carbon sequestration through the mobilization of actors in agroecological value chains'. 

2. One-Health

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