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FAO in China

CFETPV and CFETP planned for future joint collaborations to promote One Health application


Two Field Epidemiology Training Programs for veterinary and medical professionals (CFETPV and China Field Epidemiology Training Program [CFETP]) aimed to assist the Chinese government in training epidemiologists in support of zoonotic disease control and prevention in animal and human sectors. Although both programs are running separately, joint collaborations to promote One Health application in China deemed to be necessary. To further strengthen the collaborations, FAO called a meeting with Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) and US CDC on 14 November 2016. Dr Vincent Martin, FAO Representative, Dr Guo Fusheng and Mr Tang Hao from FAO China ECTAD Office discussed future joint initiatives with Dr Linda Quick, USCDC Resident Advisor and Dr Lu Mei, CFETP Project Manager. Over the short but productive meeting, a number of proposals were made, including conducting the Train of Trainer Workshops, workshop on One Health, frontline joint-training for the province, trainer resources exchanges, etc. Long-term collaborations, such as integrating the CFETP/CFETPV joint program into the South-South Cooperation, sharing and supporting Africa, engaging the neighbouring countries had also been discussed.

In the aim of strengthening the collaboration with public health sector, Dr Kang Jingli from the China Animal Health and Epidemiology Centre (CAHEC) and Tang Hao from FAO China ECTAD Office attended the TEPHINET (Training Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health Interventions Network) 8th Bi-Regional Conference from 28 November to 2 December in Siam Reap, Cambodia. This was the first time that the CFETPV representatives participated in the TEPHINET event which was a network of 65 field epidemiology training programs (FETPs) in 90 countries around the world. A side meeting was held among the TEPHINET CEO, key staff of FETP-China, CFETPV, FETP-Thailand, FETPV-Thailand, USCDC, and FAO to discuss how to strengthen the collaborations between FETPVs and TEPHINET in the future.