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Climate Change


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Year: 2021

The objective of this publication is to support the climate risk screening of agricultural investment projects. Climate risk is based on the exposure, main climate hazards, vulnerabilities and the adaptive capacity of the agricultural, social, and ecological systems targeted by a given project. The climate risk screening includes recommendations and climate resilient measures to address the risks identified at the earliest stages of the investment project cycle. 

Year: 2020

The Addressing Fisheries and Aquaculture in National Adaptation Plans Supplement provides technical guidance on the integration of fisheries and aquaculture in the formulation and implementation of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and complements FAO’s Addressing agriculture, forestry and fisheries in National Adaptation Plans – Supplementary guidelines (referred to as NAP-Ag Guidelines, FAO 2017a).

It aims to draw the attention of policy makers and government officers responsible for NAP planning and processes generally, as well as fisheries and aquaculture officers at country level, specifically. It collates and analyses relevant information from fisheries and aquaculture to support the sector’s ability to take part in national climate change adaptation planning processes.

Year: 2020

The Addressing forestry and agroforestry in National Adaptation Plans: Supplementary guidelines provide specific guidance for national adaptation planning in the forestry sector. They are intended to be used by national planners and decision–makers working on climate change issues in developing countries and authorities and experts who are contributing to climate change adaptation and NAP formulation and implementation.

Year: 2020

This study uses CBA to analyze the economic worthiness of adaptation measures currently being practiced by some farmers on their land in Kenya.

Year: 2020

This case study on Uganda aims to show the links between long-term adaptation planning and activities supported by the NAP–Ag programme as well as the resulting impacts.

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