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FAO launches new website on the ‘Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change (EPIC)’ programme


Last month FAO’s EPIC (Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change) programme launched a new website documenting a wealth of ongoing work and past projects

 “…the new interface provides up-to date information on EPIC’s work to support policy makers, stakeholders and researchers and it facilitates the dissemination of our outputs to the public. It also enables us to better communicate our results to the partners.”

Explained Senior Economist and EPIC Team Leader Ada Ignaciuk. 

FAO’s Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change (EPIC) team works with agriculture sectors in Asia, Africa, the Balkans and the Caribbean, to ensure climate policies are evidence-based.

EPIC carries out thorough analyses on the impacts of climate change on agriculture, and the barriers, benefits and costs of implementing climate change adaptation and mitigation activities. Climate-smart agricultural practices have been a key area of EPIC’s research. 

Under ‘Resources’, the new website details EPIC’s projects and the findings. Tabs with country names (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique) open descriptions of research activities conducted under previous and current projects in these countries. 

Ongoing work in partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka is also featured. It describes how the data collected from paddy rice farmers serves as evidence to support the implementation of specific climate-smart agricultural practices. 

The new website’s ‘News and events’ page keeps viewers up to date on latest developments such as FAO’s work to support the integration of policy dialogue to address climate challenges in Southern Africa. 

The strength of the EPIC programme is its link between research and development, connecting farmers, researchers and decision-makers and developing evidence on agriculture and climate change. The EPIC website reflects how the team’s work helps to ensure that the policies in place and the climate change adaptation and mitigation support systems for farmers are backed by sound analysis and solid evidence. 

“It is a great pleasure to launch our new website. I believe that providing evidence on the economic and policy issues of climate change is crucial, especially as countries are working to meet their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement.“ 

Confirmed Ms Ignaciuk, at the launch of the site: